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POTRAM for liquid fuel
various kinds of raw materials and waste

For those who do not want to buy expensive fuel

on order mini-mills
tel. +7-900-054-0699

Evaporators for petroleum feedstocks
"/-1 ".


Evaporators for petroleum feedstocks
"/-3", "/-5".


Mini-refinery "Prometheus"
10 cu. per day
to 25 cc. per day.



Mobile mini-refinery "Prometheus"


Installing the pyrolysis of solid hydrocarbons "Prometheus".


Mobile plant pyrolysis "Prometheus".


Installation series "Kid" for pyrolysis.


Section "The Kid" to build waste treatment facilities to any performance.

MICRO-refinery "Hummingbird" - the smallest refinery in the world. >>VIDEO<<

DRAFT "PROMETHEUS" - getting out of waste and minerals liquid petroleum products.

It looks like the city to convert waste into "black gold" and then into diesel fuel.

Here are a number of municipal waste need to get 1 liter of light synthetic crude oil. Light crude oil is composed of which contains up to 80% of diesel distillate.

It is now generally prefer to bury such waste in landfills, not recycled. And in fact, 10 pounds of garbage a day - and one apartment is fully equipped with electricity and heat.

To date, 1 ton of garbage is able to bring the processor 500 dollars of net income. Imagine making a small city with a population of 200,000 inhabitants, burying 1000 tons of waste daily in their landfills. Residents of the city thrown by 500,000 dollars every day.


The advantage of the complex POTRAM - its relative "omnivorous." In addition to solid waste as raw materials can be used coal, peat, oil sludge, waste wood, waste motor and industrial oils, washes w / d tanks, wood, waste wood, lignin, cellulose, agricultural wastes, crude oil, heavy fuel oil, heavy distillates oil, asphalt, bitumen, worn tires, paper waste, sewage sludge.


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